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The Berhalter Dilemma | USA vs Bolivia | Ep. 2 | TDSP

The Berhalter Dilemma | USA vs Bolivia | Ep. 2 | TDSP

Jonathan Tannenwald, Chief Soccer Correspondent at The Philadelphia Inquirer, and, Simon Evans of AFP, share their thoughts on Berhalter's future and USA vs. Bolivia.


00:00:46 - Introduction

00:01:26 - Copa America Start and US Team Preparation • Discussion of the tournament's start and pitch complaints • Analysis of USA's preparation and expectations for the team • Debate on Greg Berhalter's role and potential future as coach

00:19:26 - US Team Talent and "Golden Generation" Discussion • Examination of the current US team's talent level • Debate on whether this is truly a "golden generation" for US soccer • Comparison to past US players and teams

00:27:55 - Bolivia Match Preview • Analysis of Bolivia as an opponent • Expectations for the US team in this opening match • Importance of matching intensity and getting off to a good start

00:32:04 - Tournament Atmosphere and Expectations • Discussion on playing in large NFL stadiums • Importance of crowd support, especially in Atlanta and Kansas City • Expectations for US to gain 6 points from first two games

00:34:01 - Copa America Tournament Predictions • Analysis of tournament favorites including Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay • Discussion of potential upsets and storylines to watch • Speculation on dream final scenarios (e.g., Colombia-Argentina in Miami)

00:38:14 - Conclusion • Wrap-up and thank you to guests • Reminder to listeners about future Copa America updates

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